Your consumer takes us with
them, everywhere they go.

Your consumer takes us with them, everywhere they go.

Campaign Design and Management

Scripps custom client campaign strategies are developed through an exclusive multi-step process. Your Scripps representative, along with a team of experts who specialize in campaign strategy, creative and campaign management, work together to drive high-performing campaigns. Our approach is to understand your business needs and objectives while considering your customer’s journey. We select the most efficient media choices to help reach your target customers and get you closer to your business goals. Scripps also includes ongoing digital optimizations throughout the campaign to maximize results.

Commercial Video Production

Capture your best customer with the right message and visually engaging video and graphics. Scripps develops creative messaging based on your unique business and campaign goals to drive awareness, conversions and engagement with your potential customers. Scripps commercial production is done in our local communities using the talent of our award-winning production teams.

Digital Graphics Production

Scripps offers creative strategy, project management, and creative design services to support the creation of display, digital video, email and social advertising elements.

Creative Strategists provide direction that align your business goals with consumer insights. Artists conceptualize designs for your campaign based on the project strategy, provide layouts and copywriting, execute and produce the final ads.

MarketPredict Political

The MarketPredict Political product is the proprietary result of hundreds of thousands of pieces of data being collected from over a dozen high quality sources before being ran through modeling software. This software optimizes the return on potential political spend across TV, digital, and other mass communication mediums.


ViewerPredict is Scripps’ proprietary data platform that allows qualified advertisers to transact in our Pay-for-Performance business model. The platform leverages machine learning, predictive ratings and impressions throughout an ad campaign to achieve optimal delivery and stewardship of the account.

Octane Verify & Viewer Predict Verify

Proving results is the name of the game. Octane Verify & Viewer Predict Verify are attribution tools that show you how your Scripps advertising campaign is driving results for your business.

Transparent Reporting

Scripps provides 24/7 access to our digital dashboard and consistent proof of performance for all broadcast assets showcasing how your investment is impacting your business.

Our Trusted Advisor Pledge To You

Our consultative approach will ensure your campaign delivers the quality results you are seeking, utilizing our massive suite of marketing solutions.

    • Active monitoring of all elements of your campaign
    • 24/7 transparent reporting available
    • Flexibility for optimization and adjustments based on outcomes for your business
    • Full-service commercial and digital creative production
    • Regularly scheduled meetings with you to discuss campaign results and recommendations
    • Consultation on all marketing decisions and internal process upon request as trusted advisor

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